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If Your Relationship Is Superficial, You’ll Notice These 3 Signs

Today’s dating landscape includes a wide variety of relationships. They can range from casual relationships and exclusive hookups, to friend with benefits arrangements and serious, long-term relationships. And one of the factors that separates all of those types of relationships is the level of depth. The opposite of depth,...
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Five non-flower bouquets that your Valentine will love

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like flowers, and on Valentine’s Day the roads are crammed with courier drivers delivering bouquets of red roses. But are there alternatives to saying it with flowers? What if your language of love is food? Or the special person in your life suffers...
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How Do Sexual Images Affect You and Your Relationships?

Back in the 1960s, to get your porn fix, you had to go to an adult movie theatre or find a copy of Playboy. Today, pornography is everywhere. Anyone with access to the internet can get all the porn that she or he wants. How does this increased accessibility of porn affect us?...
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