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SRF shares rise over 14% on Q1 earnings

The stock price of SRF Limited, a manufacturing company located in Gurgaon, rose over 14% intraday in today’s session in response to the company’s earnings report submitted yesterday after market hours, that gave better than expected figures, as per market analysts. At the opening bell, the stock price...
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How The American Diet Has Changed Over Time

The American diet, often criticized for its unhealthiness, has changed significantly over the course of the nation’s existence due to technological breakthroughs, scientific research, and lifestyle developments. The Oniontakes a look at how the American diet has changed over time. 1783: First recorded instance of American mother judging another...
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Dewan Housing Finance Shares Fall Over Media Report

Shares of home loan provider Dewan Housing Finance Corp fell 8 per cent on Tuesday following a media report that alleged financial misappropriation by the controlling shareholders of the company. Dewan Housing, one of the country’s largest housing finance companies, said the Cobrapost website’s report “appears to have...
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Why are fancy bathrooms all over Instagram?

The New York City restaurant Motel Morris, which opened its doors last April, closely resembles a 1950s motel. Tamara McCarthy, who owns the restaurant with her husband and a childhood friend, wanted patrons to feel like they were sitting in a classic American diner. A graphic designer, McCarthy...
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