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Smart Toilets: The Jetpack of the Bathroom

On first read, “smart toilet” may sound oxymoronic, but with the advent of receptacles that can play music, warm their seats, double as bidets, and even adjust themselves for elderly and disabled users, an argument can be made that these toilets are smarter than their forebears (a hole,...
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Petra bathroom collection is made from stain-resistant concrete

Designers Marco Merendi and Diego Vencato have collaborated with Italian firm Gypsum to develop a dirt-resistant concrete, which they used to create a collection of bathroom furniture suitable for outdoor use. Milan-based architect Merendi and Veronese industrial designer Vencato used the new material to create the Petra collection of bathroom furniture for Italian brand Agape. The collection comprises...
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7 Easy Mistakes You Can Make When Cleaning the Bathroom

The task itself is a tough enough mountain to climb, so let’s first say this: There’s no wrong way to clean the bathroom. But… but! There are definitely methods you can try that will make cleaning the bathroom more effective and sometimes even easier. Cleaning knowledge is cleaning power and, when...
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Bizarre Bathroom Without Walls Horrifies The Internet

A picture of a bathroom without walls has shocked a lot of people. Twitter is a platform well known for hosting arguments, debates and spirited discussions. It’s rare to find people agreeing on any one topic on the microblogging website, but this time, they are unanimous in their...
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