The hidden costs of the government shutdown

Airport lines are long, national parks are being vandalized: These are ubiquitous signs of the 34-day partial government shutdown. Nine federal departments are closed, and hundreds of other government operations have been scaled back or stopped altogether. They might be less visible, but they’re no less crucial. The...
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Why are fancy bathrooms all over Instagram?

The New York City restaurant Motel Morris, which opened its doors last April, closely resembles a 1950s motel. Tamara McCarthy, who owns the restaurant with her husband and a childhood friend, wanted patrons to feel like they were sitting in a classic American diner. A graphic designer, McCarthy...
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Best Bathroom Furniture And Accessories For Your Bathroom Today

There are many different kinds of furnishings and accessories that can be used in designing a bathroom or formal powder bath. To name a few, there’s lounge chaises, benches, side chairs, accessories and other types of interesting decor pieces to consider when pulling together a bathroom space. Organization...
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