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How To Purchase The Right Flowers This Valentine’s Day

Chances are, you’re considering purchasing flowers for someone or yourself this Valentine’s Day season and you aren’t alone. Last year, Bouqs, a flower delivery company that specializes in sending flowers directly from farmer or florist to consumer, delivered “close to 3 million stems” for Valentine’s Day, according to John Tabis, founder and CEO of the company.

Regardless of the relationship with the person that you’re purchasing flowers for, one thing is clear: In the past few years, there has been a diversification in the kinds of relationships where flowers are sent. “We see friends buying for friends, colleagues buying for colleagues, Galentine’s Day is a trend we’ve seen in the past few years–It’s not just for the romantic partner anymore.”

I had a chance to chat with John about the significance of different flowers for Valentine’s Day, in addition to learning about some of the best flowers to give to different relationships in your life. Here are some of the meanings behind (and suggestions for) flowers this Valentine’s Day:

Red Roses

“Roses are still the most popular flower type we sell,” According to Tabis. “Year-round and at Valentine’s day, the rose has been the staple flower that Americans send and receive.” Not all roses are created equally. For example, if you’re purchasing the flowers for a romantic partner, Tabis encourages red roses.

“The red rose is [for] classic, romantic love– It’s the traditional gift that you give on Valentine’s day, it’s certainly for a romantic relationship,” Tabis says. “It’s one of the few that’s definitive in the mind of most customers and there’s a clear intent… So, I’d avoid sending two dozen, premium red roses to your boss.” If you’re purchasing for a romantic interest, such as a spouse, partner or significant other, consider these bouquets:

AlwaysThe Bouqs Co.

Blooming Love1-800-Flowers.com

UnforgettableThe Bouqs Co.

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Teleflora’s Sweet Thoughts Bouquet with Red RosesTeleflora

Pink, Yellow or Orange Roses 

“There are a lot of flower types and colors where there’s not as much clarity,” Tabis says. “You can send a pink and a yellow and orange, but as you get into that, it becomes a less lot definitive.” Tabis encourages that you ask yourself: “Is it a friend or someone you’ve been dating casually?” If so, consider giving roses in this color palate:

Lady LoveThe Bouqs Co.

CupidThe Bouqs Co.

Beautiful Love BouquetTeleflora

Unusual Variations of Typical Rose Bouquets 

If you’re wanting to switch up the usual red rose bouquets, but are afraid of straying too far from the traditional path, consider adding non-traditional floral accents to spice up the arrangement.”We see that the red rose bouquet is popular, but we also offer up lavender, greens and succulents,” Tabis says. Adding any of these would create an unexpected visual (and smell) effect with the bouquet. Plus, if you add in a succulent, the recipient can repot the plant to remember your flower arrangement for years to come.

If you’re still afraid to stray off the path, consider this: It’s all about the message you provide with the flower arrangement.  Whether you include “a romantic poem or ‘congrats on another year,’ [the message] gives meaning in a way people don’t know off the bat,” according to Tabis.

Apple Of My EyeThe Bouqs Co.

Valentine’s Day RosesThe Bouqs Co.

Cascading Elegance BouquetTeleflora

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“Lilies tend to be a friendship, condolence and paternal love flower– Not a rigid rule, but that tends to be where lilies are used,” Tabis says. This flower could be a great choice to send to a friend. “I highly do not recommend yellow lilies for someone you’re dating or your spouse, unless yellow lilies are your spouses’ favorite flower, in which case, that could be a really great choice,” Tabis says. If you’re looking to purchase flowers for a friend or coworker, here are some of our favorite bouquets with lilies in them:

The HeartthrobThe Bouqs Co.

Pretty Paradise BouquetPretty Paradise BouquetTeleflora

Valentine’s Day LiliesThe Bouqs Co.


“Daisies are a playful, sweet and innocent flower,” says Tabis. These flowers are “good for friendship relationships and sending to little ones.” If you’re looking to send flowers to a child or friend that has an especially sweet personality, here are some of our favorite arrangements with daisies in them:

Hugs And KissesTeleflora

Teleflora’s Playful Daisy BouquetTeleflora

Lavender Dreams1-800-Flowers.com


“Tulips symbolize spring and the rebirth of nature,” according to Tabis. Send these flowers to a friend, coworker or family member who has had a recent change in their life. Here are some of our favorite Valentine’s Day arrangements with tulips in them:


Luxe ArrangementThe Bouqs Co.

Bunches of Love Tulip & Iris Bouquet1-800-Flowers.com


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