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How GM diet was my answer to quick and UNSUSTAINABLE weight loss

How GM diet was my answer to quick and UNSUSTAINABLE weight loss
I had a wedding to attend and I wanted to lose instant kilos. Since it was my cousin’s wedding, I was really keen on wearing whatever I wanted and for that I had to cut out some flab from my mid-section and thighs. I read up about GM diet and decided that it was the perfect diet for me. 7 days and 7 kilos! What could be better?
First day was the fruit day and I had stocked up fruits that I loved eating. But the thing that I had to focus on was the water intake. Drinking 12 glasses of water was mandatory. The day went by fine- I just felt a slight dip in energy but if the diet did what I wanted, it was all worth it.

Second day was better than first. I was allowed to eat vegetables. I focus on zero calories vegetables more and had 1 sweet potato in the morning for instant energy. And again, I had to constantly remind me about water. That’s when I also downloaded a water app to keep a tab.

Third day seemed even better – I could have a mix of fruits and vegetables – minus banana and potatoes. I made interesting salads and focus on my water intake. Day 3 was the best so far and the best part was I was feeling lighter. While it was just day 3, I felt like my stomach felt flatter.

Fourth day was a challenge. I was supposed to eat 6-8 bananas with skimmed milk. Banana did give me an instant kick of energy whenever my body felt deprived and adding milk to it made it feel fuller for longer.

Since I am a non vegetarian, I was indeed looking forward to the fifth day when I could finally eat chicken. Additional to that I had to have 5-6 tomatoes. I preferred having it raw to ensure the body responded well.

Sixth day I could eat brown rice with chicken and any amount of vegetables. This day felt much normal than most other days. I also had to have 2 more glasses of water to flush out uric acid.

Last day of the diet I had meat, rice, vegetables and fruits. I could not wait for the seventh day to end because that was the day I had to finally measure my weight.

When I weighed myself the next day, I was down by 4.9 kilos and I didn’t mind a single bit that the weighing scale did not show 7 kilos. Yes, it’s great for quick weight loss but the weight also quickly came back, the moment I went back to my old diet.


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