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Ditch Low-Carb Diets, Try These 10 Indian Foods For Quick Weight Loss And Better Digestion

Ditch Low-Carb Diets, Try These 10 Indian Foods For Quick Weight Loss And Better Digestion

In a world of low-carb salads, quinoa, avocado, broccoli and asparagus to name a few, Indian foods have lost their charm and presence to a great extent. The impact of food industry on eating habits is such that it convinces people to opt for two pieces of biscuits in place of a slice of mango. Achieving quick weight loss has become the ultimate goal that everyone wants to achieve, so much so, that people now find it easy to give up on their day-to-day staples like roti, rice, mangoes, chikoos and much more. No matter how irritable, fatigued and starved the fad low-carb diets make people feel, they would still opt for it as they offer quick weight loss.

Healthy Eating

Proper nutrition is important for your health. Watch video to know how to make healthy food choices for maintaining weight.

It is important to know that the weight lost quickly by following diets like keto diet is gained back the moment you resume normal eating habits. Here, we discuss a few Indian foods that can help people lose weight. Some of these foods are simple, easy to cook, recommended by a nutritionist and so easy to make.

Following are some Indian foods – as suggested by nutritionist Monisha Ashokan – that can help you achieve quick weight loss:

1. Sambar and Idli: Sambar and idli are popular South Indian staples. They are fermented foods that have amazing benefits on health and are also weight loss friendly. Idli is made from fermented rice, which aids faster digestion, says Monisha. Eating it combination with sambar – which is made from protein rich lentils – facilitates muscle repair as well. Idli sambar is a satiating combination of Indian food that can help you lose weight.

2. Ragi: Ragi is a fibre-rich whole grain that can help in flushing out the toxins. It is also a grain that can help you have a glowing skin. Monisha says that eating ragi can help you lose water weight.

3. Cinnamon:Cinnamon is a tried and tested spice. It accelerates the metabolism and keeps you going through the day. Have it in the form of tea. Add it to your foods for a tinge of flavour. It is a weight-loss friendly spice you can bank on.

4. Apple: Unlike other fruits apple requires energy to get burnt and hence the body works double time to burn it. Apples contain a lot of water. One medium-sized apple contains 85% water. Foods rich in water, or hydrating foods help you keep full for longer, thus reducing overall calorie intake and aiding weight.

5. Brown rice:Brown rice is a good alternative to white rice. Brown rice contains the fibre you need to flush out toxins. It also makes you feel full, so smaller portions become more satisfying.

6. Eggs: Eggs are the idea protein-rich foods that you can bank on for weight loss. One egg in a day provides you will with all the nourishment you need. It is rich in essential vitamins and minerals that benefit you in numerous ways.


Eggs are rich in protein and can help you lose weight
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Here are a few more Indian food options that can help you lose weight

1. Dalia: It is a light Indian staple food, which is ideal for people who want to lose weight. It is easy to digest and rich in fibre that aids better digestion.

2. Khichdi or dal rice: You might be surprised by this as these popular Indian staples are blamed for being high in carbs. The truth is that khichdi or dal rice is protein-rich meal which has a complete amino acid profile. Bank on it for weight loss (while practicing portion control) and we bet you won’t regret it.

3. Upma: Upma is another delicious Indian delight which is made with semolina and can be tweaked by adding a variety of seasonal vegetables. It is a nutritious and healthy Indian food that is weight loss friendly.

4. Poha: Poha is a popular Indian breakfast food which is made with flattened rice. Add a variety of vegetables and spices to your poha, which is easy to digest as well.


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