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Best mutual fund SIP for 30-year investment


A question like best mutual funds or best mutual fund SIP may not be a great strategy to start your investment journey. You should always start with identifying your financial goals. Then start looking for investment choices that match your investment objectives. Simply put, you should choose mutual funds based on your goals, investment horizon (or time you have to meet those goals), and risk profile.

This is the reason why many mutual fund houses and advisors recommend goal-based investments to investors. This approach help investors choose ideal investments to achieve their financial goals. For example, if you are investing for short-term financial goals, you may opt for debt mutual funds. You should keep in mind that it is important to choose debt mutual funds based on your investment horizon and risk profile.

Similarly, if you are investing to create a retirement corpus, say, after 20 years, you should choose equity mutual funds according to your risk appetite. If you are a conservative equity investor, you should invest mostly in large cap mutual funds. Similarly, a moderate risk-taker can opt for multi cap schemes and an aggressive investor can invest in mid cap and small cap schemes.

It seems, you are new to mutual funds. If so, you should consult a mutual fund advisor before investing. New investors often need a lot of hand-holding and reassurances during the initial years of their investment lives. Only your advisor would be able to offer you personalised help.


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