Smart Toilets: The Jetpack of the Bathroom

On first read, “smart toilet” may sound oxymoronic, but with the advent of receptacles that can play music, warm their seats, double as bidets, and even adjust themselves for elderly and disabled users, an argument can be made that these toilets are smarter than their forebears (a hole,...
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Lithium Urban plans to foray into logistics business

Electric cab services firm Lithium Urban Technologies plans to foray into the logistics segment and plug gaps in the last-mile connectivity area, head of external relations of the company Vikash Mishra said. In line with the government’s push for electric mobility, the corporate transport service provider, which has...
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Leah McFall has a sinking feeling… about bathrooms

OPINION: “Check this out,” my husband said. He was back from Japan, a bit jet-laggy, and flipping through his phone. He’d filmed the toilet in his hotel room. Stand down, all other countries. The Japanese convenience cannot be bettered. Operated by keypad, it opens by itself, warms the seat lid,...
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Diet reduction can improve health and prolong life

While resisting food might be quite a task, decreasing and limiting the intake helps both humans as well as animals to better their health in old age and extend the lifespan. To do so, the pattern of diet consumption must be established earlier in life in order to improve health in old...
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